Bug announcements for OmniOutliner2OPML

In the spirit of full disclosure, faithful reader Oliver Wrede pointed out that he had problems using my script OmniOutliner2OPML with certain outlines. I don’t have a fix yet, and it may be a while, but I wanted to report what’s up for other users that may run into the same thing:

  • If a cell in your outline is a pop-up list and has a non-blank value selected from the list, the script will error out with a NSReceiverEvaluationScriptError: 3.
  • The exported text in a given outline element in the OPML file will be truncated if it contains international accented characters (e.g. é).

As I say, I’m still working on both these issues. If anyone has suggestions on how to get around the problems, I’d appreciate it.