Listening day

Happiness is a new Elvis Costello record and finally having Yankee Hotel Foxtrot in my hands. EC: return to form. So far, with the exception of the song with samples, sounds a lot like “Brutal Youth.” Wilco: it’s a miracle the album came out at all, what with all the mess around its release. More later. Must listen, must listen.


Check out this person’s Zoe. Then think about it a lot. What does it mean to have a highly indexed mail store? For a technology with as high a signal to noise ratio as email, a lot. Cross platform, browser based interface (personal web server a la Radio, this one in front of a fully functional email server and a highly indexed mail database). Early beta still. But a lot of promise.

Eccentricity’s reward

It’s a beautiful day at Sloan this morning—cold but clearing, wet sidewalks from yesterday’s rain (badly needed), and quiet.

Today’s thought, from David Ogilvy, founder of Ogilvy and Mather: “Develop your eccentricities early, and no one will think you’re going senile later in life.”