.NET coexisting with J2EE/EJB?

One of the people we met at the eBusiness Conference on Thursday is asking the $42,000 question: how well do these technologies coexist? He writes,

“I wondered if you had any work/research going on in the space of Web Svcs deployment environment with either .net vs J2EE and/or both co-existing.

We have completed a prototype EJB/J2EE ws in a Websphere app container but have a grp of dev who are more VB and Vis C++ programmers. I want to consider how to leverage their skills in this space where possible.”

I guess the question I would have back is, why not? But as I wrote back, “Sadly I have little actual deployment experience in this area, having been closely focused on business school for the last two years.” Anybody out there know better than I do?

Waking up with a jolt

Good morning! I had an interesting awakening, almost, this morning. The New England area had a 5.1 magnitude earthquake this morning. And of course, being me, I pretty much slept through it. I woke up and thought, “Oh that’s interesting. Lisa must be sleeping poorly,” and promptly went back to sleep.

Heaven help us if we ever slide into the sea one day. I’ll wake up and think, “Gee, the humidity is high tonight. Blub.” and promptly go back to sleep.