Italy 2002 Trip Report, Day 5

The fifth in a series of transcriptions of my experiences traveling with my wife and her family in Italy. The originals were scribbled on whatever pieces of paper were handy and are presented here unedited.

28 Mar 2002: We breakfast leisurely and catch 10 a.m. boat to Amalfi. Fall into tour of the Duomo—fascinating, as the church is a palimpsest of 10th through 19th century with frescoes over frescoes, baroque over medieval, plaster and wood colonnades over original Roman and Moorish columns.

Window shopping, disappointing lunch, more shopping, gelato, and return to Positano. Dinner (2) at La Cambusa. Highlights—complimentary prosecco and antipasti, delicate seafood risotto, grilled anchovies, complimentary local provolone. Gelato after.