Time passing

Today is a day on which I’m keenly aware of the passage of time. Partly because I’m blogging when I should be packing. But mostly because of a quick string of email I just exchanged with an old high school friend, Paul. I seem to get in touch with him regularly every other year. He and his wife Shannon just had their first child, a boy. Say hi to Lex Colton:

My friends Paul and Shannon's son Lex.

It’s important for me to remember that there are more important things in life than the day to day grind. Some days you get to meet a whole new person.

You can’t do that…

Wired: Where Old Macs Go Off to Thrive. I can’t go any further than this picture of an old SE/30 upgraded with a G3 running OS X on a monochrome screen.

The SE/30 was my first computer (if you don’t count the family’s Apple //c). We had it tricked out with 5 MB of RAM and a 40 MB hard drive. I learned how to do desktop publishing, Excel macro programming, telnet, and Kermit file transfer(!) on that little machine.