HP, Gelato, OSDL, Linux: coincidence or conspiracy?

Infoworld: HP scoops Gelato into Linux:

“HEWLETT-PACKARD ON Monday announced the formation of the Gelato Federation, advancing its agenda to develop Intel’s 64-bit Itanium processor family as a commodity chip platform for the Linux operating system….HP’s hope for the Gelato Federation is that it will blend ingredients from the research community, the Linux open-source community, and Intel’s 64-bit Itanium chip family to solve problem of scalability, grid computing, and other architectures based on those three ingredients.

Dig deeper: www.gelato.org: focus on “real world problems in academic, government and industrial research.” Dig still deeper: Open Source Development Labs, of whom HP is also a sponsor. Mission: carrier class and data center Linux.

What’s going on? HP invests in two Linux based consortiums aimed at different market segments, unified around the idea of improving the performance of Linux especially on very high end hardware. Thought: they’re fighting other competitors at both ends of the server market by developing a high quality scalable operating system that is open and essentially commoditized.

Can they capture value? Right now, I think their issue is mostly getting back in the game.

Growing pains with CSS and Manila…

David Donald raises some interesting issues with the new design. Namely, a lot of the edit forms that Manila puts up if you want to post a comment are wider than my center column on most resolutions. As I don’t have much control over how wide those forms are, I may have to rethink how I’m doing the page layout. I think another issue was my design environment—I designed on a 1024×768 monitor, but readers like David are likely reading at 800×600. Maybe the best thing to do is to take everything back to two columns? What are people’s thoughts?

Scripting OPML for OmniOutliner

I got tired of complaining about OmniOutliner not having OPML capability, so I hacked a quick AppleScript to make it happen. It’s very beta right now, but it works for outlines that aren’t too deep. Currently it’s choking on my outline for the sitePref documentation, so I’m trying to go back and figure out why. You can download OmniOutliner2OPML from my scripts page.