New Applescript Studio in beta

A new version of AppleScript Studio appears to be available for developers at the Apple Developer Connection (register free). Still in beta, but it appears to address some really significant issues, including native support for the User Defaults framework in Cocoa and some other stuff…

Today’s CSS learnings

Working on the redesign in earnest today. I’m teaching myself CSS from trial and error and the specs, so I don’t have a lot of authority, but I thought I’d share what I’m learning anyway.

CSS Learning #1: When trying to display a border around a <div>, you must specify the border color, size, and style (or have specified them as a default somewhere) or the border will not display.

CSS Learning #2: CSS allows you to specify dimensions of elements in a number of ways, including ems (an em is approximately equal to the width of a capital letter M in the font being used). Distance measurements in ems are great when you’re just working with type. However, when mixing images (fixed size in pixels) and type, ems may cause problems. The cause: slightly differing type dimensions across platforms, or different fonts installed in the user’s system.

CSS Learning #3: Float is your friend. The float attribute of a <div> around an image allows you to wrap text around that image.

Mergers no cure for Enron/Andersen nightmare

Infoworld: Troubled Andersen close to finding a buyer. Bad news for Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu. What are they hoping to get out of this, anyway? “Economies of scale?” I like the random quotation from Larry Lipsher of Lipsher Accountancy Corp, based in China: “The larger and larger the accounting firms get, the more they’re going to come up with the sort of esoteric tripe that caused things like this.” A-yup.