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Currently playing song: “You Are Invited” by The Dismemberment Plan on Emergency & I.

Man, I had totally forgotten about this song until the other day. This was one of those songs that hung around on KEXP forever but no one on the east coast seems to know. Kick-butt song…

I really didn’t stay too long there
Cause no one was having much fun
I made my way to a party all the way cross town
That was thrown by the friend of an ex-thing
I wasn’t sure if I should go
But when I got up in the place there were smiles all up and down
I grabbed my ex in the kitchen
I told her I was sorry I came
But she looked at me with a glazed smile and said
“You are invited
By anyone to do anything
You are invited for all time
You are so needed
For everyone to do anything
You are invited for all time”

That’s what’s up with AOL and Fire

A reader wrote in to point me to this information on the news site for Adium, another AIM client: “It looks like AOL shut down their TOC server at” The author also reports that connecting to at port 5190 mostly works.

Actually, I just tried it and it looks like toc.oscar is back up. But it’s good to know about other people who are providing alternatives to the commercial client–especially ones that provide source code.

On the importance of modeling Manila

I did the preceding UML (Unified Modeling Language) sequence diagram with a little tool called ObjectPlant. It’s a shareware UML tool that just became my new best friend. There are times when you have to stop and draw what you’re doing in a project, even a moderately complex project like this one. I’ll be posting some more pictures like the one below as my version of the “Busy Developer’s Guide to ManilaRPC” that Daniel put together.

Inconsistency and bugs

I’ve finally figured out why Manila Envelope occasionally gets stuck in spinning progress bar hell. It has to do with how I handled user notification in the code.

Basically, there are three types of function involved: one gets user input, one executes a series of Manila function calls, and one wraps a SOAP call to a particular part of the Manila API. Unfortunately, I was reporting user errors via dialog boxes in all three functions in the chain.

Shows why my app was blowing up.

This sequence diagram shows the problem–I was letting the Manila handler do the notification to the user. This caused timing problems in the window controller that kept it from successfully stopping the progress indicator and returning control to the user.

Parties and HDTV and Harvard, oh my

From the New York Times: “Two members of Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Theatricals were accused of embezzling about $91,000 from the 207-year-old student group for drugs, a party and entertainment equipment.”

Two thoughts spring immediately to mind:

  1. $91,000? And it took the club that long to notice?
  2. I’m attending the wrong university. If you multiplied the annual budget of the two clubs I’m involved with by each other, it wouldn’t be a tenth of the amount that these two jokers embezzled.