Some progress

I got the first part of the Blogger API working in Manila Envelope. I’m starting with the prefs–there will have to be a major overhaul of the whole app to make this work, including restructuring the preferences file. But hey–I got the blogger.getusersblogs call working. Baby steps…

One problem: If you have a regular Blogger site, the API calls go to the Blogger server. If you have a Moveable Type or Radio site, do you send the API calls to the Blogger server or somewhere else?

¿Quiere Ser Presidente de Argentina?

From Fortune Magazine: “Are You Management Material? Large South American country looking for dynamic leader… No previous experience required. Understanding of Spanish, global credit system a plus.”

My favorite: “Do you have any experiences that might prepare you for the turmoil, upheaval, subterfuge, and stress of being president of Argentina? A: (a) I was briefly a member of Destiny’s Child. (b) No.”

Slow news day

I’ll be in and out today–I have a lot of errands to run before we head to Belgium for the weekend. I’m working on my own version of a Pictures tool for Manila Envelope. I’m really feeling the curve here… I thought about using AppleScript to hook into the Manila pictures API months ago but had difficulty making it work right.

I think I’m going to have to ask for some feedback from the users of Manila Envelope about how to proceed with incorporating the Blogger API. Look for a “survey” with some linked proposed screen shots in the next week or so.