Waiting for the tree to shake

The screen just lit up but no audio yet–oh, there we go. Music: “Runnin’ Down a Dream” from Tom Petty’s Full Moon Fever album; “Shakin’ the Tree” (the Peter Gabriel version)… suddenly I’m not clear whether this is from the video feed or whether the guy in the store is playing it from iTunes. There must be eighty or a hundred people packed into the theatre here in McLean. I’d like to pause and thank Apple’s enlightened policy of putting unrestricted Airport access in all of their stores. Closeup on a guy’s woodgrain custom PowerBook in the audience; a couple of water bottles next to an optical mouse and flat panel screen on stage. There’s an old iMac at the center podium, away from all the flat panel machines (probably to be used for the obligatory Photoshop shootout). Gee, an old iMac–wonder wy they chose that to be center stage. (Foreshadowing with hardware placement, a new trend at MacWorld keynotes.)