“Unfortunately I don’t have Photoshop running in X”

Here’s that workflow again. Click Import, can automatically erase after import… “It looks a lot like iTunes, doesn’t it?” Libraries of photos and photo albums. “I’ve got over a thousand photos in here, and I can scroll through it really easily…” He shows zooming out for a few hundred on the screen at a time. Can view by film rolls (applause, oohs in Tysons Corner). Photo albums–“playlists for iPhoto.” Editing: How do I crop? Button down, drag, and click Crop. Great transparency effect. Constrained aspect ratios for auto cropping, movable crop window. Or for a DVD, 4×3 aspect ratio… Spoke too soon about limited editing, can also convert to black and white or rotate, or do redeye. Can also pick other apps to open in. “Unfortunately I don’t have Photoshop running in X yet” (laughter, applause) “so I’ll go into Preview.