Protective gear

“It’s time. Starting today, all new Macs will boot up into OS X.” Switch booting still possible. This was rumored and he’s right, it’s time. Get rid of the OS 9 legacy. Time to turn the corner.

Now, the digital hub. “It’s a strategy: personal computers will be the center of our new digital lifestyle.” Two categories: devices that are dramatically enhanced by a Mac (e.g. camcorder and DVD player), and devices that aren’t even useful without a computer (e.g. MP3 player, digital camera). iTunes, iPod, iDVD, iMovie… “And now for a brief demo of those apps in case you haven’t seen them.” (Groans at Tysons Corner. Someone says, “He’s such a tease.”) Showing a middle school student, Jonathan Winslow’s project movie made in iMovie. Laughter for the boardslide while drinking a Slurpee, and for “And this is why you use protective gear.”