More devs

“Next up, Palm.” Tom Bradley, COO of Palm to show off new Palm Desktop beta. The engineer from Palm is very engaging, much like a pine board. Instant Palm Desktop from the Dock menu, drag and drop VCard and VCal from Palm Desktop to a file (scattered applause). “How do we sync in OS X?” Hotsync demo. No word about infrared sync. “You can now download the public beta” (scattered giggles from the crowd, since the server’s only been allowing a handful of people on at a time.

Now Apple’s Mike Evangelist about Final Cut Pro 3.0. (What a great name! The 80s and 90s were about weird job titles, the 00s will be about ideal last names for business!) Demo of Final Cut Pro. Realtime effects engine, color correction (oohs and ahs. I gotta say, I’ve never done digital video and the workflow is boring the hell out of me, but I can appreciate the complexity of what they’re doing as a programmer.)