Adobe’s news

Maine: “1 down, 49 to go…. We know that Texas is going to be a challenge, but we’re working on it.” Now Mac OS X: Same screen shots we’ve seen since since 10.1. A new UNIX Based badge. “We’ve seen more and more Unix programmers become Mac programmers, and more and more Mac programmers become Unix programmers.” (I can attest to that.) Last three months a focus on getting developers to ship apps, and “the floodgates have opened.” 1500 apps in October, 2500 apps in January (after 10.1 came out). Microsoft Office for Mac OS X (polite applause–then Steve says “and I just wanted to give them a round of applause.”) What’s up with Adobe? Shantanu Narayen, executive VP of Adobe comes on stage. “All of our applications are going to take advantage of the Mac platform.” This morning we announced After Effects 5.5 is now shipping for OS X. Russell Brown: Illustrator 10, InDesign 2.0 (native Photoshop files with transparency, autowrap around photos, export to XML), GoLive 6.0… waiting for…”Why don’t we take a look at Photoshop. It’s real, it’s almost here…” Lots of automated stuff with AppleScript. Spellchecking in Photoshop of editable text. InDesign 2.0 is now release candidate. “I think we’re the poster child of applications for OS X.”