Good software makes up for a lot

E-Lab is done, except for our final presentation to the company we consulted to. Kickin’ back with some software. The new developer tools are out, and I’m a playin’.

AppleScript Studio. I love it. Mac OS X, an IDE free in every box (or at least downloadable). From the documentation distributed with the dev tools:

AppleScript Studio combines an application framework with a development environment, allowing you to provide sophisticated user interfaces for applications that execute AppleScript scripts. AppleScript Studio comprises features from AppleScript, Project Builder, Interface Builder, and the Cocoa application framework. With AppleScript Studio, you can quickly create native Mac OS X applications that support the Aqua user interface.

AppleScript Studio requires Mac OS X version 10.1.2, or the December 2001 Developer Tools CD.

Rockin’ like Dokken (er, or something like that)

One more down. I finished the Finance final yesterday afternoon just in time to run to the first of a series of meetings.

I looked over the day’s updates late last night and was surprised to see how calm I was yesterday morning. By last night I was a mess. I finished the first pass at the final E-Lab slides, took the Finance final (a take-home) for about three and a half hours, and headed in to our team meeting. That necessitated a redo of my slides, and ran until E-52s rehearsal was to start for the talent show. I grabbed a plate of food from a reception that was going on (hey, I was invited), ran rehearsal, and then we split for the auditorium.

The talent show was a lot of fun. The Sloan Hanukkah Song was cute, although it’s a shame it took three guys to do what Adam Sandler could do by himself… A few of the Italians from our class performed the Three Tenors (with pillows under their tux shirts) singing “O Sole Mio”–and followed with a singalong. I had a lot of fun bellowing in my best Pavarotti. Maybe there’s something to the concept of learning some of those songs like Lisa keeps asking. The group did really well with our three songs–got a lot of compliments. The highlight, though, had to be Bob, Barry, Chris, Juan, and Sam performing a plugged in “Sweet Child O’ Mine” as the Jack Tang Orchestra, looking a lot like G’n’R and sounding really really good. I guess everyone’s as happy to be done with the semester as we are…