virginia justice?

A first: today a Virginian was cleared of charges due to DNA evidence. He’s a local boy, from Hanover County. After 15 years in jail, it turns out he didn’t do it after all. There were charges of racism in the case: the judge, jury, and victim were all white, and he’s black. Was his only crime being black, and having a white girlfriend at the time? What’s wrong with my state that that’s enough to make him look guilty of such an awful crime?

Friday fun

Fun stuff at work today. I went up to my manager and asked to be trained for a new project. His answer? “Sure thing!” Much goodness. Nothing like making yourself indispensible at the office to make you sleep better at night. I guess my manager’s not mad at me anymore for showing him up in front of his boss.

Other fun: having lunch with a fellow UVa alum, 3 years my junior. Despite our differences (she was in a sorority, while I, um, was not) we had a great time chatting about the old days, and bemoaning how far our tolerances have deteriorated since graduation. Ah, college. “The good ol’ song of Wa-hoo-wa…”

Praise Bob! Praise Whittards!

I’m working from home this morning. It’s amazing how much more productive I can be by adding two distractions: Bob Dylan‘s Love and Theft on the stereo and a cup of hot tea. I’ve given Lisa a lot of grief for her habit of bringing back a small duffel bag worth of tea every time she goes to London, but I have to admit, Whittard’s Christmas Tea is awfully nice.