“Simple Guides” are best

A good guide from the developer standpoint about XML-RPC and SOAP, contrasting their differences, is available at masukomi.org. What’s interesting is the section on how the BigCos are approaching this market and on documentation, which addresses the same point. Even if you don’t speak developer, reading these paragraphs illuminates why some companies have good developer relations and others don’t. Don’t get me using a product and then change the spec for how it works without telling me!!!

It’s a good morning

And I have a lot to do. I’m trying not to let it get to me today, though. Doing some writing for my marketing professor, meeting with some folks on e-MIT things. Still working on getting my financial aid in order too. When I have a chance I’ll write more about that today. And E-52s rehearsal tonight. As Dave used to say, Dig we must!