Scripting Manila and iTunes

New scripts today. First, a version of the iTunes script I wrote a few days ago that posts the currently playing item directly to a Manila website as a news item. Second, some modules that contain functions for making SOAP calls and calling Manila RPC interfaces.

As a programmer, I was big into reuse of code through object orientation. It bugged me for a long time that I couldn’t figure out how to make that work in AppleScript. Today I’ve got one version working. It’s not very clean, because it requires a lot of drag and drop installation, but it’s getting there. The other good thing is that it will cut down on the amount of pain in writing and deploying these scripts because it separates a lot of the Manila “glue” code from the parts of the scripts that actually do things.

All the scripts can be downloaded from my scripts page.

One note about iTunes2Manila–if your site is hosted on like mine is, you may get some timeout messages. I’m still playing with avoiding these, but (as you can tell from my home page), just because you get a timeout doesn’t mean that the news item didn’t get posted.