Michele Kolet is responsible for many things, in a roundabout, random sort of way, in both Tim’s and Lisa’s lives. She met Tim in high school at the New Horizons Governor’s School for Science and Technology, and was one factor in persuading him that it didn’t have to be just another geek experience.

Later, she became Lisa’s good friend in Washington as Lisa tried to get acclimatized to bad housing situations and worse bosses. Then she introduced Tim to Lisa. Four months later, Tim finally figured out that he should do something about the situation… and two years and eleven months (give or take a week) later, Tim and Lisa got married.

Shel moved out to Oregon a few years before Lisa and I made it to Seattle. As the only other person from my childhood on this coast, we’ve made it a point to hang out quite a bit.

We recently attended a long awaited happy event: the celebration of Shel’s wedding to Erik Gamble.