Manila Envelope v. 1.0.3 Release Notes

Manila Envelope 1.0.3 has been released. It incorporates the following new features and bug fixes:

New features:


  • Cleaned up code structure to eliminate problem where dialog was shown with progress bar still present.
  • Fixed a problem where single angle quotes (‹›) were being mistranslated as ‘ and ’ entities.
  • Finally figured out how to display em and en dashes, curly quotes, and ellipses reliably using UTF-8. Note: Netscape 4 doesn’t like this encoding, so don’t use —, –,“,”,‘, ’, or … in your source text if you’re worried about the NS 4 population.

Known Bugs
Department names with spaces result in invalid XML being returned from Manila. This causes an error to be returned. Workaround: rename your department names and eliminate the spaces. This problem may be addressed in a future release of Manila Envelope.