End of the Week

A quiet day today. It’s been a very silent week, come to think of it. Nobody’s felt much like talking, and when they did, they spoke softly, like they were telling a secret.

That applies to me, too, which is why I haven’t written since Wednesday. I don’t have anything to say that would add anything meaningful to the swirl of words and images going around. I’ll just reiterate something I heard on NPR last night: a woman emphatically denounced the symbolism of what’s happened this week. A group of people blew up a building and killed a whole lot of people. That’s it. At the root of it all, that’s the most horrifying part — that people are putting their principles above human life. I just hope America remembers that horror when we spring to action again.

Have a good weekend, and think of me on Sunday when we lead the J2A in a discussion of this week’s events. For the life of me, I don’t know what to say.