links for 2008-07-16

FTP considered harmful ( Use sftp instead. (tags: security) FTP considered harmful (Big Contrarian) Using key pairs. (tags: security) Google: Hey, look, Radiohead’s new video is cool and has lasers (CNET) Actually very cool video for House of Cards. (tags: radiohead musicvideo) Upgrading WordPress Extended « WordPress Codex Time to upgrade to WP 2.6. (tags: […]

iPhone SalesForce app: free, but access = $

A quickie I left out of my original iPhone app roundup: I wasn’t able to get the mobile SalesForce client working. The reason is, in retrospect, unsurprising: our company doesn’t have an “unlimited” SalesForce license, and customers on cheaper plans will be nickeled and dimed to use the app. It’s good to see that some […]

Basement update: bookcases are in

A quick update on our basement project: it looks like we’ll make our deadline. The picture to the right shows a stage in the completion of the project, with the Bestå bookcases mostly assembled and the Flor carpet in. I was able to finish the carpet with about an hours’ worth of work on Sunday. […]

WordPress 2.6 upgrade–fixing a login problem

This blog is now running WordPress 2.6. This was the first WordPress update I had done since moving to the platform, and I thought I’d share a few pointers: Follow the extended directions, particularly the ones about backing up your installation and deactivating plugins. You may see references to a plugin for automatic updates. No […]