Jenny: “lists that express our disbelief”

I was surprised to see traffic from Jenny the Shifted Librarian this morning. She follows up my thoughts about the iTunes Music Store and eMusic, noting,

I’m fascinated that this surge of supply to meet the pent-up demand for quality, online music downloads is resulting in lists of “finds.” By that, I mean posts by people who can’t believe they found a place to legally download their favorite bands’ music. We’re posting lists that express our disbelief, and those posts are what I’d like to aggregate.

This could be huge—a searchable list of artists that is annotated with the online stores that carry their music. I wonder whether such a project would cause the hoary cry of “no deep linking” to rear its ugly head. Probably not, I think, as long as the download sites still make money. But IANAL.

And in the spirit of Jenny’s post about stuff she’s found at Rhapsody, here are some of my other finds from eMusic and the iTunes Store:

  • eMusic
    • Red House Painters
    • the Pixies – just about everything save the recent compilations of b-sides and live tracks
    • Nick Cave – Nocturama
    • Miles Davis with Sonny Rollins – Dig
    • Mono
    • Mull Historical Society
  • iTunes Music Store
    • Gil Scott-Heron, “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” and “Lady Day and John Coltrane”
    • Blur
    • Johnny Cash – Cash IV
    • Mark Eitzel – West
    • …and others I’ve already listed