AmazonHandler acting up

I’ve had no less than four people contact me within the last few weeks to tell me that AmazonHandler, my AppleScript glue to allow calling the Amazon Web Services API, isn’t working for them. The most common error is “Can’t make ‘’ into a record” but others have been reported as well, including problems with finding and loading the support scripts to do SOAP.

I think the first problem is caused by some code I put into SOAPXMLRPCHandler to work around a bug Apple introduced in the underlying SOAP layer sometime in the late 10.1.x/10.2 timeframe. The support script problem is tricky. The point of scripts is that they’re supposed to be quick and easy, so making the user install support scripts seems dumb. But it’s quicker and easier for me to release scripts that use common technologies (including the Manila API and SOAP generally) if I keep the scripts separate.

I promise I’m looking at it, if only because having this script would allow me to automate some of the workflow around “Current Listening” and “Current Reading.” But be patient—I have a day job, after all.