Now I know…

…why Ignatz Mouse always stole his bricks, or bought them on credit, from Kolin Kelly the brickmaker in Krazy Kat. The damned things are pricey. They would have been pricier, except we found that “patio bricks” (in the building materials section, not the garden section) were more than ten cents a brick cheaper.

The bricks, as well as some landscape ties (why do they come in eight-foot lengths? That’s two feet longer than can fit in my car even with the back seat down), will be delivered tomorrow. So that left us with a light day, right? Heh. After four hours digging up the front beds, weeding, planting new plants, trimming the sidewalk, putting weedblocking cloth down, and digging the outline of a new bed in the side yard, I think that’s all the “light day” I can take.

(Incidentally, I almost wrote “Colin Creevey” in the first paragraph. Which leads to the amusing mental picture of Ignatz Mouse beaning Harry Potter with a brick, while Colin madly takes pictures of a confused Krazy Kat. Crossovers are so scary.)