From the blogosphere

I had to leave work quickly owing to illness (better now, thanks). I spent the afternoon in bed and am just now catching up with the keiretsu. Who, actually, have been mostly pretty quiet recently. Of course, anywhere else in the world spring doesn’t mean drenching rain so they’re probably all outside.

  • Esta has gotten a potentially renewable scholarship to the seminary. That’s my sister!
  • Greg points to an unintended consequence of the Bush Doctrine (i.e. strike first when you see evil or a potential threat, and to hell with the international community): Turkey is getting ready to march into Iraqi Kurdistan.
  • Tin Man: “I’m shocked, shocked to find that bombing is going on there.“ And he’s having fun (if that’s the right word) with his new computer: “Someone better invite me out this weekend, or I might not leave my apartment.”
  • Tony Pierce: “i am for this war because i look forward to the bush administration showing just as much attention to all the other portions of the world where there are tyrannical leaders, human rights tragedies, and oil rich nations that were also deeply involved in 9/11.
    i am looking forward to the bush administrations being just as courageous in dealing with these global terrors.” Also (the man is on fire today): Bounce Wit Me. Featuring George W. Bush’s war, to the words of Jay-Z.

  • Doc Searls notes that Kevin Sites, the CNN blogger in Iraq, has “stopped blogging for now.” Or, more precisely, has “been asked to suspend [his] war blogging for awhile.”
  • Dave offers pictures of a warm spring day in Cambridge, Mass. Of course there’s still snow on the ground there. Still, I miss watching the crews on the river.
  • And here, locally, I’ve found another UVA blogger, Ian T. Fisk, also known as the modern day founder of the Yellow Journal.

Greg: Debunking Gore critics over the Internet

I’ve heard the tired saw that Al Gore claimed he invented the Internet too many times, and heard it debunked almost as often. Greg points to (and quotes some lengthy excerpts from) an article at the Daily Howler providing a definitive debunking.

(Oh, and Greg, I think I’ve been reading too many warbloggers. After following the reaction to Doc’s statements yesterday, including Doc’s own follow-up, I had a dream last night that I got a righteous fisking for saying I wouldn’t stay silent about the war. I’m not even sure I know what a fisking is. Except that it has nothing to do with Ian. (Small inside joke.))