Three years and five days ago today: a beginning

I just realized I missed an anniversary. My very first page on a website called Jarrett House North was published March 14, 2000. The page was a direct port of the front page of my first personal web site, which I had built in Frontier (back when it was free) on my Power Mac 7200/90 and which I was serving (illegally) over our DSL connection from that Mac using Mac OS 8’s Personal Web Sharing. (The page is still visible at the Internet Archive. Note the damning lack of an actual domain name; I had essentially hijacked the IP address, since Bell Atlantic’s DSL solution wasn’t compatible with Mac OS 8.)

When Dave announced that he was providing free Manila hosting at for those who wanted to try Manila, I registered my site under the same name I was using for my homebrew site, Jarrett House North. I transferred some of the old content into the Manila site using cut and paste, and then forgot about the site (with a few exceptions) until the summer after my first year of business school.

So when someone asks what my blogaversary is, I tell them my blog was born June 11, 2001, but that it was conceived March 14, 2000 and had a really long gestation period. 🙂

Special bonus: the site map for my old web site is still at the Internet Archive. Compare to the current site map, which only points to my static pages, not to most of my blog content (and hence hasn’t been linked into my main navigation yet). Most of the structure was already set in place in 1999.