No big, painful spills to report. Just a good couple of days on the slopes of Whistler. And some really good food and wine at the Bearfoot Bistro.

The trip up was a little tricky though. It was “wintry mix” when we left Seattle, meaning mostly rain with some hard bits, but by the time we got up past Vancouver and up the “Sea and Sky” Highway, it was real snow. It took an extra hour to get up to the village, and then about forty minutes to find the hotel. And then collapse.

Today we’re recapitulating that in reverse. It took much less time to get down the mountain, which left more time for the “collapse” part.

Skiing is feeling more natural. I did notice a tendency to quote Ryan from Bobbins, though: “I’m a love ninja… on skis! Fwssssh!”

Updated to fix the link, which now actually points to a love ninja on skis reference. Damned copy and paste.