Lileks: Meta-Weblog Post

Okay, this isn’t related to the “meta weblog API”; we’ll get that one out of the way now. But in the middle of a rambling but funny story about an Internet outage at his day job, James Lileks tosses out a beautiful metadescription of the archetypal weblog post:

Clever teaser headline that has little to do with the actual story, but sets the tone for this blog post.

Breezy ad hominem slur containing the link to the entire story.

Excerpt of said story, demonstrating its idiocy (or brilliance)

Blogauthor’s remarks, varying from dismissive sniffs to a Tolstoi-length rebuttal.

Seven comments from people piling on, disagreeing, adding a link, acting stupid, preaching to the choir, accusing choir of being Nazis, etc.

<blogauthorRemarks>No dismissive sniffs or Tolstoi-length rebuttal from me today. Probably no seven comments from other people either. But God, it’s scary how many of my posts fit this format. Teaser, slur, excerpt, remarks (+comments). Maybe next time I’ll experiment and put the slur at the END.</blogauthorRemarks>