Why Justin Hall rocks

Justin Hall: an information hustler (scroll down to entry for 5/9 for the article). I don’t always remember to point to Justin because his site doesn’t do RSS and none of his articles have permalinks. But he was the protoblogger back in 1996, writing honestly about his life and the stuff he was doing and the people he loved.

And this story brings out all that’s warm and real about Justin:

A friend at Deloitte & Touche asked me to talk with these kids about my career as a freelance writer. And so I stood up in front of them and shared – “I’m homeless, in debt, and my clothes smell because I live out of a beater car.” And they looked at me confused and a loud little girl with long thin braids in a bright pink parka down in front during the second section said, “Why should we listen to you then?” and I said, “because I do what I want and I love my life.”

28 May 2002: Updated with new Justin permalink!!!