What’s up with AIM and Fire?

Every time recently that I try to connect to AOL Instant Messenger using Fire for the last few days, it fails to connect. It’s odd being disconnected from all your friends… (at least the ones that use AIM). For any of my other friends watching, yes I’m on MSN Messenger too. Instant messenging right now is one of those things where it’s impossible to use only one standard — too many people are on one standard or the other, making programs like Fire and Trillian necessary.

Adjusting patterns

I think my blogging habits will be changing this semester. Last semester classes were 1 to 4 every day, leaving plenty of time to wake up, blog, do reading, and eat lunch before classes. This semester my classes cluster from 10 to 2:30, so it’s a very different dynamic. I think I’ll be blogging mostly in the afternoon.