Manila Envelope and Radio Userland

I’ve had feedback from a few people who have tried to use Manila Envelope with Radio, either against their desktop website or on The short version is that Manila Envelope doesn’t work very well with Radio right now.

The long version is that Radio 8.0.1 doesn’t support the Manila API for SOAP calls, just the Blogger API. I didn’t start testing Radio until after its release, and just started to figure out some of the issues around the time that I did my 1.0 release.

The good news is that people had already requested the Blogger API as an option, and I’m looking at it for a future release. So this isn’t a permanent incompatibility, just a short term issue. I’m somewhat intrigued that people want to run Manila Envelope against their local Radio site; I didn’t think the Radio user interface through the browser was that bad, but I understand the desire for a consistent user interface.