InDesign or Quark? Let’s not do that

“I’ve saved the best for last.” Hardbound book. InDesign or Quark and design the book? “No, let’s not do that. We’ve built a page layout program into iPhoto that’s completely automatic. It lays all these photos out in a book automatically, I do nothing. I can say how many pictures on a page I want. It actually looks pretty darn cool. Can type text right in.” Crowd reaction in Tysons: “This is great.” (There are now about 150 people here.) Click “Order Book,” it connects with servers at Apple and lets me order my book on line without ever leaving iPhoto. More 1-Click buying. Amazon’s raking in the royalties today. “When you click this you’ll have your hardbound book in about one week with your photos. There’s never been anything like this before.”