On the Road Again

Not much time for an update today, I’m afraid. I’m tired of there being no snow in Boston so I’m heading south to where the action is.

Okay, that was a little flip. I’ve been wanting for a while to see some of my friends in the Washington DC area, and I haven’t been back since July of 2000 when I left to come to MIT Sloan. It was a transitional time–I sold my car, hopped in a moving van, and dropped myself in the middle of Cambridge while Lisa started looking for a new job. I need to see what’s going on with my friends. And I’m getting a chance to sing with my friends in the Suspicious Cheeselords.

I will be stopping in New Jersey overnight to pick up my car. While I’m there, I hope to borrow my in-laws’ DSL connection to post the alpha release of Manila Envelope for general consumption. After all, I will have about five hours in the train to fix all the bugs. 🙂

So queue up Paul Simon singing “Graceland.” My traveling companions aren’t ghosts and empties; they’re a PowerBook G3 and an iPod. It’s time for some catch-up.