Wrap-up, Day 1

It’s a quiet morning. I have a few things to work on today: a few last slides for my E-Lab project, a take-home final for Finance II. And a thick fog outside that blots out the top of the tall buildings normally visible from outside my window.

No classes until February. Kind of nice, actually. I’ve spent–I think all my classmates have spent–the entire semester since 9/11 waiting for the other shoe to drop. Now it’s going to be all done in less than a week. What have I accomplished?

Well, the out of class things spring to mind first. We found some great first years to run with things for e-MIT–starting with rebranding it, to Sloan Entrepreneurs. Which just makes so more sense. And the E-52s got past a rough start to be a really cohesive group. We have our final gig of the semester tonight, and I’m just going to enjoy it.

Reaching the end of Finance II is a big deal… We wrote a really great paper for eBusiness…. I think it’s too early to decide the accomplishments for the rest yet, but somehow just getting to the end feels like an accomplishment.

Well, almost to the end. Gotta go hit those slides…