LongURL Mobile Expander slows me down

A reminder that addons, extensions, and other bolt-on software capabilities aren’t free: It was a maddening bug. On my machine, and mine alone, our web based application slowed to a crawl when I chose a particular option. No one else could recreate the bug. As I was showing the bug to the developer, we had […]

Google Chrome 1.0 (.154.36)

Well, that was fast. Google Chrome went from new to 1.0 in about 100 days: But is it ready? And why so soon? I expected Google to add more features over time, since the merely architectural improvements of the browser didn’t seem to meet the critical differentiator threshold to justify launching a new browser. But […]

Ubiquity memory issues on Firefox

I may have to stop using Ubiquity for a while. I’ve used it exclusively because it, plus the share-on-delicious script, provides a great keyboard-only way to tag web pages for Delicious, simply by ctrl-space and typing share Delicious bookmark description tagged delicious tags entitled title“. Alas, there are definite memory issues with Ubiquity or with […]

Get a jump on Download Day

Courtesy a little bird, it’s possible to download Firefox 3.0 already, though it hasn’t been announced yet. The latest public download is RC3: http://download.mozilla.org/?product=firefox-3.0rc3&os=win〈=en-US but if you remove rc3 from the URL, you get: http://download.mozilla.org/?product=firefox-3.0&os=win〈=en-US which is a valid URL. (So much for security by obscurity.) Enjoy your early start on Download Day! (Tip o’ […]