The Linguistics of Cyberspace – Footnotes

the science of signs and of systems of signs; the scientific foundation of modern linguistics.
First coined by author William Gibson in his seminal 1984 novel Neuromancer, which predicted an information economy built around cyberspace. The word itself is a misnomer, as Gibson himself has admitted; it’s a compound of the Greek root cyber- (meaning control) and the English -space, denoting dimension. It may be used as noun or adjective.
The user’s name on the net. The word is a compound of user and the common clipping id for identification or identifier.
Ferdinand de Saussure (1857-1913)
Founder of the science of semiotics and of modern linguistics.
news server
computer which performs the actual posting of news articles for a user and which receives the posts from elsewhere on the net. A compound of news (in the sense of computer “news” articles or postings) and server (in the sense of file server, a machine which contains information for shared access).
program which accesses the articles stored on a newsserver and makes them accessible in coherent form. A compound of news and reader.