Rob Sohn

Rob Sohn is just the man. No two ways about it. He and Tim met in the summer of 1994 when both were starting at AMS. About a year and a half later Rob was sucked in by the black hole that was the Procurement Desktop – Defense project. He was a developer and a configuration manager until everyone realized he would be much better out charming clients and drumming up business.

Rob is into jazz and funk music, coaches little league baseball, and fiercely defends the honor of his home town, Philadelphia, from all slurs.

Rob recently left AMS and the Washington metro area behind to move into a new job with Sapient and a new apartment in the greater New York environs; now (in 2003) he’s finished his first semester at business school in Toronto.

(Photo: Rob Sohn at the wedding of Brendan Haggerty and Kerry Cullen, January 1998.)