Heavy Clouds but (very little) Rain

It finally rained in Richmond this morning, for the first time in approximately 50 days. I heard it when I woke up, and it was the loveliest sound I’ve heard in a long time. Unfortunately, the shower was over by the time I left for work. If the earth had eyes and vocal cords, it’d be glaring up at the clouds and yelling, “…AND???” A couple more weeks of what we got today and we might approach normal water levels. Yeah, we’re parched.

Oh, and to you all: Malkovich Malkovich!

Things are kind of disjointed today. I don’t have thoughts; rather, a series of words and images have been flashing through what passes for my mind at regular intervals. For instance:

1. The song “Heavy Clouds but No Rain” by Sting

2. From when I was in Kenya, our addendum to the 5-second rule: “Nothing too deadly can crawl onto it in 5 seconds.”

3. Scenes from “Buffy”, in which I’ve immersed myself lately (courtesy of FX, which airs two repeats a night). They’re still in the high school years, which I understand are the best of the show, mainly because David Boreanaz is still starring. Sigh…but anyway, it’s crazy how much I identify with Willow. I didn’t dress that cutely back then (ok, still don’t), but I too felt like the sidekick and was known as “reliable”…and always was in love with the wrong boys. Poor girl…it gets better! Hang in there!

4. “You’re No Rock n’ Roll Fun” by Sleater-Kinney (whenever Sting lets up)

I better gain coherency soon…I gotta get to work and earn my keep. Only two more days of this overtime bilge and I can have a semi-normal life again. And some people work hours like this all the time! Why????