Grab bag: Genealogy, soulless soup, death prayers

Reunion: Update Release Notes The Snow Leopard compatible version of the Reunion genealogy software for the Mac is out. (tags: snowleopard reunion genealogy) Hershey deeds The deeds describing the disposal of Abraham Hershey’s property after his death are listed here. (tags: genealogy lancastercounty) Land Grantor Index Series 1 Photos of the index pages (by grantor) […]

Grab bag: Farewell, Edward Kennedy

Kennedy Memorial (US Headlines Examiner) Partial list of transcripts of the Friday night memorial for Senator Kennedy. (tags: tedkennedy) Ted Kennedy Memorial Service: Vice President Joe Biden Of all the speeches last night, Biden’s hit home for me: “He’d constantly renewed my faith and optimism in the possible… I never saw him petty. I never […]

Snow Leopard: Initial thoughts

I did the Snow Leopard upgrade last night, and it went OK. First step was to back up my MacBook. It’s an exaggeration to say that it had never been backed up–I do, or did, regularly back up files to my .Mac iDisk, but rarely if ever did a whole system back up. A $99 […]

Thinking outside the Internet box

Doc Searls Weblog · Thinking outside the Internet box What we call the Internet is too big a box to serve as a good metaphorical basis from which to make decisions. There are infrastructure layers of the Internet that should be driving our thinking, but without a sound metaphorical basis we’re making policy decisions about […]

Grab bag: ePub, online ticketing at UVA, and more

Google Books Offers Free ePub Downloads – Books – Lifehacker A nice way to get offline access to ebooks for free. I read all of Patton’s “Jefferson, Cabell, and the University of Virginia” on the iPhone using the Google Books web interface, and I think this would be better, not least because of the offline […]

Historic homes go on sale at Ft. Monroe

A place worth saving (The Hardware Aisle) I’d love to find a way to get back to Ft. Monroe once the base is decommissioned. Beautiful location on the water, tons of history, childhood memories of being there every Independence Day… and houses on the Historic Register. (tags: history houseblog virginia)

Grab bag: Read, evolve, ditch

The Definitive Guide to Backing Up and Ditching Your Discs – CDs – Lifehacker Some ideas for getting rid of physical discs. Doesn’t suggest how to scale the approach to a collection of over 1000. (tags: cd backup) tap tap tap ~ Convert design evolution Incredible video showing the evolution of the UI for an […]

Snow Leopard arrives Friday

You can now pre-order Mac OS X 10.6, aka “Snow Leopard,” at the Apple Store for delivery on Friday. I forgot what it feels like to be excited and waiting for a Mac OS X release, even what is admittedly a point release with a handful of features. Some of those features are pretty cool, […]

Grab bag: Rebel waltzes and secret doors – Hidden Secret Passages, Hidden Doors, Safe Rooms, Secret Vault Doors Awesome hidden doors projects in the gallery. (tags: houseblog) Free download: tribute to The Clash’s Sandinista! – Boing Boing Free Clash tribute with some Sally Timms and Camper Van Beethoven tracks. Worth a listen at the price. (tags: tribute cover music free)

Family history: when was it the “Brackbill” farm?

I got email yesterday that there was a fair amount of storm damage at the Brackbill Farm in Lancaster County, PA earlier this week. The storm uprooted half a dozen old trees, and sent major chunks of other ash and locust trees flying, with the result that the old cabin and bunkhouse near the creek […]

Grab bag: A new canvas

Let’s Call It a Draw(ing Surface) – Dive Into HTML 5 Mark Pilgrim starts delving into HTML 5, and the results are beautiful and thought provoking. (tags: html5) Ridge: Yep, the Terror Alerts Were Politically Timed | TPM No kidding? Well, it’s at least good to know that that’s on the record now, from someone […]

Web-wide citations?

I recently started a new wiki project, which I’ll discuss in more detail later. Like the Brackbill Wiki, this one is based on the same software that powers Wikipedia, MediaWiki. It’s a powerful site building tool if you want something that’s collaboratively edited. However, don’t assume that all the power of Wikipedia is in any […]

Grab bag: Barney Frank

How to Manage Your Online Life When You’re Dead – TIME Interesting ways to deal with wrapping up one’s digital affairs. (tags: internet) Dispatch from Barney Frank’s Badass Town Hall Meeting in Dartmouth (The Phoenix) Barney Frank takes on the health care protests (see video). Best line from the Phoenix: “I knew that poor and […]

Grab bag: Twisted words and screams

These Are My Twisted Words (DEAD AIR SPACE) Currently listening obsessively, again and again and again. Free new song from Radiohead that goes some pretty amazing places. (tags: radiohead free music) LeRoy Stevens’s ‘Favorite Recorded Scream’ Compiles Howls – Nice little audio project — 74 pop music screams all spliced together into one 3:32 […]

Loan to Own

Bankruptcy is the new M&A – Schott’s Vocab Blog – Bondholders as "loan to own" players. (tags: economy)