Protecting revenue by devaluing assets

It’s not the pay, it’s the wall (Scott Rosenberg’s Wordyard) Scott points out the obvious: if you are locking away articles behind a paywall to get revenue, you’ve automatically decreased the value of the articles relative to the rest of the web. (tags: newspapers internet)

A little security code review brainteaser

Whodunit? Finding Security Vulnerabilities in Application Code (eWeek) Illustrations of how to think about writing secure code: a little brainteaser called “what’s wrong with this application?” (tags: security)

Friday listen: In My Tribe, 10,000 Maniacs

I wrote a long time ago about getting my Denon DP-45F turntable fixed up, and shortly thereafter hinted that I was about to start ripping my records en masse. Then… well, life intruded. I ripped some Beowulf, early and not-so-early Virginia Glee Club records, and not a whole lot else. Why? A few reasons. First, […]

Grab bag: HTML 5 and other phenomena

Chromium Blog: Extensions at Google I/O Chrome’s extension model will be HTML5 + CSS + JavaScript. (tags: chrome web html5) First Evidence of Entanglement in Photosynthesis (Technology Review blogs) Is there room-temperature quantum entanglement at play in photosynthesis? (tags: physics biology) Fermi problems (Technology Review blogs) The book reviewed, _Guesstimation_, sounds like a good way […]

Fixing a hole: Migrating a site structure with the Redirection plugin

Over the weekend, as previously noted, my hosting provider redirected two old versions of my blog to the new WordPress blog. When that change kicked in, it unleashed a storm of 404s as links pointing into the old site structure hit the new site structure. There are a number of systematic changes from the old […]

Grab bag: Dusty tunes, infinite startups

Lifehacker – Dusty Tunes Shows Off Your iTunes Collection or Playlists – iTunes Maybe, finally, a replacement for Art of the Mix? (tags: itunes music) The New New Economy: More Startups, Fewer Giants, Infinite Opportunity (Wired) Lowering transaction costs = more small entrepreneurship opportunities. A good read, provocative as always, from Chris Anderson. The flip […]

Redirect and regexes

Redirection Plugin and Regexes Using the Redirection plugin with regular expressions–some quick examples. I used this to fix a big chunk of my old blog archives that were 404ing after my blog consolidation. (tags: plugin wordpress regex)

Buffer overflows – threat or homebrew

Lifehacker – Hack Your Wii for Homebrew Apps and DVD Playback – Clips Buffer overflows–not just for criminal purposes. A buffer overflow in a Zelda game can be exploited to load an “arbitrary code” channel on your Wii. (tags: wii security)

Consolidation time

Just a quick housekeeping note–over the weekend my hosting provider finally consolidated my www, discuss, and sites onto one machine. You can go ahead and head over to now. With this consolidation, my Manila blog is finally no more. I cut my blogging teeth on Edit This Page and the other features which […]

Grab bag: Hacks and cracks

Pretty Bad Proxy (Microsoft Research) A sobering, even frightening exploration of vulnerabilities in the way most browsers and OSes interact with proxies can be exploited to pwn an HTTPS session, stealing and altering supposedly secure data. Must read. (tags: security macosx microsoft safari firefox internetexplorer chrome) IHTFP Hack Gallery: Solar Powered Subway Car on the […]

Grab bag: iPhone rumors, Wikipedia goes CC

Daring Fireball: The Next iPhone Some very interesting speculation on how the iPhone is about to evolve. (tags: iphone apple rumors) Sun touts Java app store for billion-strong audience | Business Tech – CNET News Good luck with that. (tags: java) Licensing update/Result (Wikimedia) The Wikipedia community voted to dual-license its content under GFDL and […]

For safe browsing, disable Java in your Mac browser

Write once, own everyone, Java deserialization issues (cr0 blog) Disclosure on the nature of Apple’s unpatched Java flaws, and how it’s possible to 0wn the whole machine with a supposedly sandboxed applet. MacOSX users, disable Java now. (tags: java security macosx)

Grab bag: Negotiations of various kinds.

National mileage standard paves road for cleaner cars | Green Tech – CNET News An interesting policy tradeoff — I wonder which “major lawsuits” are being dropped to get this to move forward. (tags: economy environment) But That’s Impossible! (Veracode Blog) Responses to security audits range from the funny to the sad. (tags: security)

Grab bag: Hacking copyright

Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the United States Handy checklist to determine whether a work is in the public domain in the US. (tags: copyright publicdomain) IHTFP Hack Gallery: Apollo Lunar Module on the Great Dome Nicely executed. Missing only a few details (astronaut dummy with donut) to join the police cruiser atop […]

Virginia Glee Club history: Harrison Randolph

Exploring some of Google’s new search options a week ago bore surprising fruit, as I discovered enough about the first named conductor of the Virginia Glee Club, Harrison Randolph, to write a Wikipedia article about him. There has long been little publicly available information about Randolph, aside from a mention in Philip Bruce’s 1921 five […]