Loving wife

Got to give thanks to Lisa, who has been very forgiving about my recording commitments this weekend. Our first session last night went until 1 and I got home after 1:30, but today is a day off. We are recording the commissioned works that both the full Chorale and the chamber group have done over the past few years, many by local composer Bern Herbolsheimer, who is also effectively co-producing the sessions. Fun, though if Sunday has as many cars and other random noises as last night did it’ll be a long day. (There’s nothing more frustrating than doing vocally perfect take after take only to hear “Redo! Car!”)

At least Lisa can relax knowing she’ll have the new Harry Potter book to fill her day tomorrow. It arrived this morning in a custom package from Amazon, labeled “Carrier: Please deliver on June 21. Do not under any circumstances deliver before June 21!”