The Year of RSS, Part II

My good friend Craig Pfeifer moved his blog over the last week or two. (What does this have to do with the subject line? Work with me for a minute.) I didn’t notice until today because I was working too much to do any surfing, and because I moved to using an aggregator at work instead of manually clicking through my blogroll. So Craig’s kissoff to Blogspot went unnoticed for a few days.

Craig has RSS now. Of the folks in the Friends section of my blogroll, six of the ten syndicate their content via RSS. (Two of the four remaining are on Blogspot, a third is actually a newspaper column.) In all, of the 44 sites on my blogroll, 31 offer an RSS feed.

And these are mostly friends and random acquaintances.

RSS. Coming soon to a blog near you.

Correction 4/24: Greg has an RSS feed and had it when I posted this. Sorry for my brain lapse.

Sunday: the Suspicious Cheese Lords via satellite

My friends in the group in which I sang in Washington, DC, the Suspicious Cheese Lords, will make their satellite radio debut on Sirius XM this Sunday (scroll to the bottom), in promotion of their new album
Maestro di Capella
Go listen.

Suspicious Cheese Lords In Concert
Vox – XM 112
Noon ET
The early-music ensemble Suspicious Cheese Lords join us live at the XM Studios for a special performance of sacred music.