UVA: StudCo candidate assaulted because of race

Race relations at Virginia have been complicated since the beginning; after all, the school’s founder wrote the Declaration of Independence but kept slaves.

But the execrable actions of the as-yet-unidentified assailant who, in the words of the Cavalier Daily report, “allegedly grabbed Lundy by the hair and slammed her head against the steering wheel… [and] said, ‘no one wants a nigger to be president’” aren’t complicated. They’re stupid, hateful, and unworthy of the school I called home. (They’re also ignorant; I seem to remember a few black student council presidents at Virginia while I was there, and they were popularly elected.)

Esta has some strong words on this and is following the unfolding reactions; apparently Casteen has issued a statement but it’s not on his web site yet.

Update: Esta forwarded the letters that went out from the offices of the President and Vice President for student affairs. Pending online availability on the Virginia site, I’ve posted the letters here.