Long day’s househunting into the night

Finished our first day of househunting. We drove up to the top of Somerset Hill to get the lay of the land. The view, I think, started to get Lisa excited. We moved on to the back end of Lake Sammamish, the “plateau,” and started looking. We made our way around the top of the lake toward Redmond, moved to Kirkland (the area around Market Street), then across Lake Washington to Magnolia.

Our desired houses started to evolve into a dichotomy as we moved forward. When we were in the suburbs, we were looking at larger houses with lots of foliage and decent separation from our neighbors. As we moved closer to the city, we did a sharp about face and focused on smaller, older houses with lots of character. Now our challenge is finding a smaller, older house with lots of character and potential upside that we can live in. Both our top finds today had bedroom situations that weren’t ideal. Tomorrow is another day. Looking forward to getting back to Etta’s after the househunting and getting some really excellent salmon.