More of my former professors in the news

This article on CNET talks about the work of Loren Hitt, who co-taught my course on E-Business. I knew it was him even before I read the article; as he told us, “If you see anything about poaching, shirking and opportunistic renegotiation, you know it’s from Wharton and from me or one of my students.”

“Clemons and Hitt conclude that poaching offers new and formidable challenges as the global economy becomes more knowledge-intensive. According to Clemons, it is ‘a newly significant form of opportunism’ and it represents ‘the growth opportunity in e-commerce white-collar crime.’ Poaching requires different analytical models and remedies, many of which still need to be developed. Only partly in jest, he quips: ‘Maybe companies should actually encourage poaching of their own intellectual property–but figure out a way to get paid for it.'”