Good news from PA

I just got off the phone with my sister. Fortunately, the previous story turns out to be only partly true. My grandfather was suffering from low blood sugar, but not from another stroke. Apparently he had just forgotten to eat–not good if one is on insulin shots. He’s already on his way home.

Now all we have to do is find my mom. She hopped in the car to drive from western NC to pick up my sister in Richmond, then go to PA. They’ll have to call the highway patrol — she doesn’t have a cell phone. It’s probably time for them to change that. 🙂

First day of classes

… for the last semester of classes. It’s interesting and scary–I’ve gotten very accustomed to being in a learning and growing mode over the last couple of semesters. It’ll be quite a transition getting out into the real world.

Palm Desktop ate my data

My Mac went into a kernel panic this morning as soon as I tried to hot-sync my Palm via infrared this morning. My data file got corrupted. I lost my class schedule, my to do list, everything. Call me unhappy…