First new product: iPhoto

Digital cameras were 30% of all cameras sold last year in the US. “Today we are introducing our fourth digital hub application, iPhoto, and it’s killer.” The problem to solve for iPhoto: the chain of events: import, edit, print… use multiple apps, it’s a mess… “the chain of pain.” “We made iPhoto so that when you plug it in to your Mac’s USB or Firewire port, you click one button, it automatically imports, thumbnails, catalogs.” Plus cropping and printing. We have unified under a special print panel for iPhoto. Set the paper, the margins and press print. Looks like they’ve been very careful not to step on Adobe’s toes with Photoshop, which was a rumored sticking point. But “this is just the ante to play the game.” “With film, you end up with a shoebox…with digital photography you end up with a bunch of .jpg files that are very easy to throw away.” The digital shoebox…. it’s about save, organize, and share.