This is a long update…

Updates: Mac OS X 10.1.2 (build 5P48) is out. That’s a long download over a modem. Features include Applescript 1.8, so I’m going to go test Manila Envelope to see how it works with the changes.

Manila Envelope – Part 6

I didn’t update about Manila Envelope yesterday because I didn’t do a lot of successful things with it. I hit a few snags in AppleScript Studio, some having to do with getting data or states from controls and some having to do with lack of visibility in the debugger in certain situations.

However, I do have news items working (albeit with one major hack). One snag I ran into: “title” is now an AppleScript Studio reserved word (along with “password” and “URL”). This means that if you are populating a SOAP structure that has “title” as one of the element names, you have to escape it using vertical bars (e.g. |title|:myTitleVariable) or else AppleScript Studio just plain doesn’t include it as an element in the structure. I had learned this with password and URL the hard way before, but title is a new one. I could say something learned and witty about the importance of avoiding namespace conflicts in published interfaces, but (a) I’m too groggy from fighting this thing and (b) after all, Dave et al didn’t have AppleScript naming standards in mind when they were writing the interface.