Mumia’s death sentence overturned

This is huge. Mumia Abu-Jamal, possibly the most famous inmate in America’s criminal justice system, was released from his death sentence today. The state has 180 days to re-sentence him. If you haven’t heard of Mumia, crawl out from under the rock you’ve been living under, or come to Richmond and see the graffiti dedicated to him that covers the city’s walls. He’s a legend — revered and defiled — larger than life. I’m not an expert on the case, so I won’t post my opinion on him here, but I definitely have one.

Reminiscent for the Blonde

No scripting news, petit, just music. I’m listening to Concrete Blonde this afternoon. “And I’ve been running all this time and I’m running out of places to go…and I am just so sick and tired of every face that I know…every thing I do, everything I say, every thing in my head, every night, every day, I been east, I been west, I been north, I been south, I feel your arms, I hear your voice, I see your eyes, I kiss your MOUTH and I am walking in London…” Awesome song. No one did lovelorn angst in the early 90’s like Johnette Napolitano.

Manila Envelope – Part 5

I withdraw my previous objection about password text fields. It is pretty well hidden, but here’s how you make a text field into a “secure text field” (one that hides the user’s input behind bullet characters): select the field, in the Show Info window select Custom Class from the drop down menu at the top of the window, and click NSSecureTextField in the list of available classes. Build and run–the field now shows bullets as you type.